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Cafelat Robot

Cafelat Robot regular, barista and Cafelat accessories

Cafelat Robot is a pure mechanical lever coffee maker with a superb build quality.

It is made of solid materials, mostly stainless steel with polished parts and powder coating. It contains no electronic or plastic components, so it will last for many years.

Each Cafelat robot is hand assembled and tested directly in the factory by the inventor, Mr. Paul Pratt so you will receive a perfect machine.

There are thousands of Robot happy users all over the world. Join the family.

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Cafelat Robot related products (machines and accessories) you can find also in our online store

Cafelat Robot barista

Most popular version "barista" has included pressure gauge that helps to better achieve correct pressure. Barista version can be modified with included tool to regular version.

Cafelat Robot regular

Regular version is just a Robot without a pressure gauge. It is budget friendly version of the Robot.

Cafelat Robot accessories

In our offer you can find a full list of accessories for your Robot like professional and pressurized baskets, robot hands, spare parts etc.

Most popular accessories are robots hands, spare professional basket and Cafelat Tamper with regulation.


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